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Range Leader 510 Special Edition

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Range Leader 510 Special Edition

The Range Leader 510 Special Edition differs in certain details from the Range Leader 510.

Technically and in terms of equipment is this unit identical to the Range Leader 510. The deviations can be found in:

  • The two rear windows are angular and can be opened;
  • The TV cabinet by the bed has made room for a complete cupboard wall and is placed on the other side of the bed. Because of this, the window has also been changed;
  • The bathroom has two cupboards;
  • The Philips TV is placed against the bathroom wall;
  • A roller shutter door is installed to create a partition between the bed and the rest of the superstructure;
  • A “Connection Box” that is accessible from the outside to connect water and power connections, as well as to drain the various tanks at the push of a button;
  • This model is the first to have an “under the sofa air conditioning system”;
  • This model is the first to have the “advance model” staircase, which, like the other models, is completely concealed in the frame and can be pulled in and out of the frame very smoothly;
  • This model has 1 spare wheel, but a second is also possible;
  • This model is the first to have a floor that is 120-140 mm isolated in most places.

As of now, the “Connection Box” will be implemented in all other models.

We refer to the website for all technical specifications that can be found with each model.

Range Leader Expedition trucks are not only solid and reliable, but extremely luxurious and a pleasure to travel with.

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