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Iveco 4 x 4 EuroCargo 135E18

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Iveco 4 x 4 EuroCargo 135E18

This permanently driven 4×4 Iveco is a pleasure to drive. The luxurious furnishings are of a high standard.

The chassis, cabin and container unit are 100% blasted, then coated and painted in the current color. The vehicle, which has driven only 172,000 km, has been returned to new condition. All tires and rims are new, as are the rear brakes, the upholstery in the cabin, etc.

The walls are insulated with 60 mm sandwich panel, the roof with 80 mm and the floor is 90 mm thick. There is an 8 kg washing machine in the kitchen behind the doors. There is also a Siemens Induction hob with 4 hobs, a Siemens combi oven and a Philips TV.

This vehicle has an extraordinary amount of closet space and a large garage with two doors that can be opened completely. The spare wheels hang at the doors.

Everything that has to do with energy is from the renowned Victron brand.

Range Leader ….. “leading in performance”